About Us

Who We Are

Triple A specializes in providing the highest quality cannabis in Africa. With a team of dedicated professionals who have a serious passion for the plant and its numerous applications, Triple A is committed to ensuring that clients get the best possible product.

One of the ways Triple A achieves this is by carefully selecting the best cultivators on the continent. Two of the cultivators that Triple A has handpicked are Knuckle Genetics and Flow Cultivation. These cultivators are known for their expertise in growing cannabis and producing high-quality strains. By partnering with them, Triple A can guarantee a clean, consistent, and safe product for its clients.

Triple A believes that cannabis is a gift from God that was inherited by his children. This is reflected in the company’s commitment to providing the highest quality product possible. Whether clients are using cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, Triple A is dedicated to delivering a product that meets needs and exceeds expectations.

“Cannabis was created by God and Inherited by the children of God.“
 -Genetic J .